Smith Stearns Tennis Academy Photography

Last month I had the chance to return to the absolutely beautiful Smith Stearns Tennis Academy in Hilton Head, SC, to do their annual photo shoot. Once again I was lucky enough to get the most awesome Mikhail Thomas to assist me, and boy did we work our you know what’s off. 2 days of shooting with over 12,000 images. Everything from headshots to action to posed action to interiors of housing and fitness facilities.

As usual, the staff was great to work with and of course the athletes (and us) had a blast. I simply can’t say enough about what a joy it is to work with these folks! The interaction between all the coaches and the athletes is nothing short of amazing. I have shot a ton of D1 (and below) tennis, which is great, but seeing what a great time these guys and gals are having is truly a joy to photograph.

Anyway, here’s some of my favorites. I was too lazy to figure out who shot what, but they are all either mine or Mikhail’s 🙂

00118_2015_Smith_Stearns_Tennis 00311_2015_Smith_Stearns_Tennis 01477_2015_Smith_Stearns_Tennis 02137_2015_Smith_Stearns_Tennis 02730_2015_Smith_Stearns_Tennis 03167_2015_Smith_Stearns_Tennis 03171_2015_Smith_Stearns_Tennis 03502_2015_Smith_Stearns_Tennis 03529_2015_Smith_Stearns_Tennis 04374_2015_Smith_Stearns_Tennis 04504_2015_Smith_Stearns_Tennis 05213_2015_Smith_Stearns_Tennis 07636_2015_Smith_Stearns_Tennis 2015 Smith Stearns Tennis Academy 2015 Smith Stearns Tennis Academy 2015 Smith Stearns Tennis Academy 2015 Smith Stearns Tennis Academy 11852_2015_Smith_Stearns_Tennis 11872_2015_Smith_Stearns_Tennis 11983_2015_Smith_Stearns_Tennis 12061_2015_Smith_Stearns_Tennis11763_2015_Smith_Stearns_Tennised 11735_2015_Smith_Stearns_Tennised

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