Baseball Photography – Oxford Chargers #1

Baseball Photography in January? You Bet!

Yep, baseball photography in January. Brrrrrr…!!!

Last month (January 2016) I returned to Oxford High School in Mississippi to photograph the baseball team for MaxPreps, who I thought were going to be ranked VERY high in the MaxPrep’s preseason poll. Turns out I was right! I say returned, because I also photographed the Charger’s football team in July of 2015. It was very nice to go back to a school where I knew some of the staff and a few of the athletes.

Coach Baughman and his staff were great to work with, and gave us complete cooperation every step of the way. As usual for my shoots in this area, my pal (and super great photographer himself) Fred Brooks came along to assist…couldn’t have done it without you Fred!

I shot straight to an iPad (which the athletes had) and as always that was a HUGE hit. The guys really got into it, offering “styling” and posing suggestions to their teammates throughout the shoot.

For the photography buffs out there, everything was shot with a Canon 5D Mark III with a f/4.0 24-105mm lens. Lights were White Lightning 1600’s. Triggered using Pocket Wizard Plus III’s/Mini TT1 in HyperSync mode. And yes, that’s real fire and smoke (worn out bats and rubber cement).

Again, big thanks to Coach Baughman, his staff, and the entire athletic department. You guys are a class act and really helped to create some awesome images. Go Chargers!

Here’s a video plus a few of my favorite images. You can view the entire gallery here (as well as purchase images…hint, hint).


The Fred!!!

The Fred!!!

baseball photography_023_20160127_Oxford_Baseball_MaxPreps


baseball photography_123_20160127_Oxford_Baseball_MaxPreps

That’s about as messed up as a football bat!


baseball photography_127_20160127_Oxford_Baseball_MaxPreps

His name is Tag. Yep, plays infield. You can’t make this stuff up.


baseball photography_174_20160127_Oxford_Baseball_MaxPreps


baseball photography_227_20160127_Oxford_Baseball_MaxPreps


baseball photography_274_20160127_Oxford_Baseball_MaxPreps


baseball photography_290_20160127_Oxford_Baseball_MaxPreps


baseball photography_306_20160127_Oxford_Baseball_MaxPreps_1



Coach Goolsby

Coach Goolsby



HUGE thanks to Thomas, he helped us lug our gear around a lot!

Thanks for looking, hope everyone enjoyed!