UT Lady Volunteers Softball Shoot

Last month I had the privilege of photographing the preseason #1  Lady Vols softball team. It was a cold and long day but other than a few mild cases of frostbite (just kidding!) everything went really well. And just like my last big softball shoot, we just had to set some bats on fire! The girls did an excellent job, but I think a few of them are still mad at me for threatening to turn off the heaters in the dugouts…and I also learned that it is incredibly difficult to see their eyes when they slide. 🙂

Big thanks to James Dean, Jeff Jacoby, and my wife Laura for all the help setting stuff up and moving it around! Andrew Bruckse was also there photographing, and you can see the full set of our images here. And of course a huge shout out to the athletes for all the great cooperation, and to UT Athletics Photographer Donald Page for getting everything setup! All images are ©2014 University of Tennessee Athletics and GO LADY VOLUNTEERS!













Water, Fire, and Softball!

What more can you ask for!? I have been doing quite a bit of work with the University Of The Cumberlands lately, and super student assistant Haley Damron pointed Lacy Wilson and I to an awesome softball shoot that Jaren Wilkey and Mark Philbrek had created over at BYU.

It looked awesome as you know what, but we had to change a few things up due to the gear we had on hand. Luckily, Lacy had played on the softball team (and can perfectly place water balloons on a bat!), so they were naive enough to trust us 🙂 Brandon Hensley was in charge of the video, and he did an amazing job. All in all this was a pretty big production for us, but it was an absolute blast! Also, big thanks to Karen Czartoryski-Wooten (who can keep my iPad close enough for the camera to transmit to it…BIG deal to me….THANKS Karen!) for coming up from Knoxville to assist!

First, let’s start with Brandon’s video, which I think just rocks…

UC Softball from Randy Sartin on Vimeo.

Next, here are Lacy’s and My favorite still images…

20121015_SB Water_0001

20121015_SB Water_0002

20121015_SB Water_0003




And finally, there’s an App for that! Download the images to your iPhone, iPad, etc. It also works on Android based platforms, but you need to be connected to the internet:(  You can also check out our latest sports work from UofC by following UC_Photos on twitter.

I seriously want to thank everyone for all the help, from the concept, to my son Shannon running all over town buying water balloons (and doing the initial “can Randy do this?” shoot), all of the help from everyone at The University Of The Cumberlands, and especially to Lacy Wilson and Head Coach Angie Dean for both the time and the Slide!