Scott Kelby, Remotes, UT Vols Football, and a Time Lapse

Last Saturday Photoshop Guru, Photographer, and All Around Great Guy Scott Kelby came to Knoxville to photograph the South Carolina Gamecocks vs. Tennessee Volunteers football game. I had saw where Scott had posted on his blog about the gear he was bringing and wanting to setup a remote on the goal post…cool stuff!

I’ve spent some time trying to devise a good way to setup a remote on the post and called UT Athletics Photographer Donald Page (he and Scott are friends) to let him know that I thought it was gonna be a pain in the you know what. Sure enough Donald calls me at 10PM the night before the game (noon kickoff the next day) and says, “Yeah, we got some issues here…”. 🙂

So I went to work and came up with this, which, well, looks like you know what. Sad part is I actually own the correct gear to do this with but it was about two hours away. (and as bad as it looks it worked quite well, and we had a gazillion safety cables on it).

The old "cut the superclamp in half and use huge hose clamps" trick.

The old “cut the superclamp in half and use huge hose clamps” trick. Photo Bomb by Buzz Lightyear.

A gazillion dollars worth of photography gear and we’re all taking crappy iPhone pictures, gotta love it….

Brad Moore, Donald Page, & Scott Kelby. EARLY am Neyland Stadium.

Brad Moore, Donald Page, & Scott Kelby. EARLY am Neyland Stadium.


Camera is set way back from the uprights.

Camera is set way back from the uprights.


Scott Kelby admiring our work :)

Scott admiring our work


Scott's 1DX and my GoPro during the game.

Scott’s 1DX and my GoPro during the game.


So here’s my time lapse video…3 hours and 10 minutes real time, 2,274 frames. Runs from 10:30 am to 1:40 pm (end of first half).

South Carolina at Tennessee Time Lapse Video from Randy Sartin on Vimeo.

So as usual I had a blast and learned quite a bit! Scott has a super cool blog post with lot’s more info and all the great images!

Thursday Update: Left out the fact that I actually photographed the game as well 🙂  Images via USA Today Sports Images are located here, thanks!

Video, NASCAR, and Richard Petty. Yes, THAT Richard Petty…

I was covering the Michigan race this June when I got a call from USA Today late Friday asking if I was able to shoot video. Sure!, I say, knowing that most of my video gear was back at my house about 500 miles away…

Thanks to Amazon Prime next day Saturday delivery, I managed to get a few video lights and a Rode VideoMic sent to me. Went to Best Buy and bought the “nicest” tripod they had (think it’s in the trash now), and by Sunday morning I was good to go. What followed was one of the coolest things I have ever been a part of.

I have been a big NASCAR fan my entire life, and of everything that I get to cover I get more excited over NASCAR than anything else. Which is not necessarily a good thing, I have to work a bit at controlling my emotions, especially when doing something really cool 🙂

Sunday morning I got hooked up with USA Today NASCAR writer Nate Ryan and we proceeded to Mr. Petty’s motorhome. I had about 10 minutes to get setup (as nice as The King’s motorhome is, it’s a pretty dark place for video/photography). Overall things went very well (wish I had my lav mic) but it was a super simple shoot on my end.

What impressed me the most was listening to Mr. Petty discuss everything from the global economy to “partnerships” (not “sponsorships”) to the newspaper industry to about 30 other wide ranging topics. I’m here to to tell you, The King is one intelligent dude! My favorite part was during a break I asked him if he by chance remembered the name Tootle Estes (an East Tn racing legend, my dad built dirt track cars for him back in the 50’s) and Mr. Petty replied, “Tootle from East TN, Knoxville I think?”. Just wow, Tootle passed away in the early 80’s.

Big Thanks to Nate Ryan and the rest of the gang at USA Today for the great work on the video, and also to the 43 crew for giving me great access to shoot during the race. And of course a HUGE thanks to Mr. Petty for his time and wonderful hospitality!

Here’s my one crappy cell phone image I took during the shoot, followed by the video. Enjoy!

Nate Ryan interviews Richard Petty for an USA Today video.

Nate Ryan interviews Richard Petty for an USA Today video.


Kenysha Coulson, 4 Sport High School Athlete

Last week I had the chance to travel to Huntsville, AL to photograph an athlete for MaxPreps. A high school football kicker. Say what? Oh yeah, SHE also plays 3 other sports…

Not only is Kenysha an AMAZING athlete, both her and Mom Kristi are some of the nicest people around. We about wore Kenysha out, it was a long shoot and she had to change uniforms a gazillion times 🙂

Michael came down with me from Knoxville to assist me and he wound up shooting a bunch of video, which of course I just had to play with a little bit. We also met our long lost friend Tammy in Huntsville and she did an amazing job shuffling gear around for us.

Video comes first, followed by a few of my favorite images. You can read the story on MaxPreps here, and the full gallery is located here. Enjoy!